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Test your designs before building them to save time and money.

Design Simulation

Mechanical Ingenuity can perform various simulations to ensure your designs meet specifications before manufacturing them. You can even avoid costly environmental testing by requesting detailed analysis reports on simulations that replicate test parameters. more…

Product Design

We'll help you with every step to turn your ideas into reality.

Concept to Production

Mechanical Ingenuity will provide expert CAD modeling, electronics design, prototyping, simulation, and manufacturing assistance. more…


Computer and 3D printed models are great, but we'll get your designs to production.

Get Things Made

Mechanical Ingenuity can take your ideas or prototypes to full scale production. Whether you are forming, cutting, milling, turning, molding, casting, or printing your product, we’ll give you all the engineering support you’ll need. more…
Javier Oliver
Javier OliverLead Engineer
Mechanical Ingenuity is led by Javier Oliver, a licensed Professional Engineer, SolidWorks Certified Expert, and Stanford graduate. He has completed many design projects in various fields from concept to production. Trust your project to him and his associates and you’ll receive prompt, quality results.

Partial Client List

Mechanical Ingenuity is an excellent resource for knowledgeable, cost-effective design engineering services.  I provided Javier with proof-of-concept 3D model and utilizing his SolidWorks expertise,he was able to quickly and efficiently recommend changes to optimize the design.  Through FEA analysis, he determined that a number of parts which had been originally designed as milled components could be replaced with sheet metal parts.  This is expected to result in significant manufacturing cost savings.  I highly recommend Mechanical Ingenuity and plan to continue to utilize its services in the future.
Brent S, Inventor/Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Ingenuity provided expert mechanical design and analysis services in reverse engineering and optimizing my surgical tool. Designs and studies were completed extremely fast, and Javier regularly met me for face-to-face updates and meetings. I strongly recommend Mechanical Ingenuity for quality, fast, and affordable engineering services.
Luis Mignucci
Javier is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I recommend him without hesitation.  He is passionate about his work and his effort goes well beyond expectations.  He is exceedingly resourceful, and value oriented – which should be prized by any entrepreneur.  Javier is honest, timely, and professional; he truly is a great partner.
Joseph O'Connell, Entrepreneur
Javi has done an excellent job designing, marketing, and protecting our new fish tape guide tool. He was very trustworthy and honest in setting up our new partnership after I showed him the invention. I have the utmost respect for Javier.
Julian M., Inventor/Entreprenuer